Liz Lovely Cookies, Gluten Free, Snicker Dudes

Baking a difference. Gluten free snickerdoodle cookies. Righteous, dude! Rock-it fuel for the rock star in you! Certified: Gluten-free. Certified vegan. Non GMO Project verified. Back in 2003, my highschool sweetheart Dan and I were out of work, in debt, with cash running out fast. Meanwhile (and much to Dan's chagrin) I filled the freezer with vegan goodies for friends & family. The outcry was unanimous, When can we place an order? So, we started over in Vermont's Green Mtns, baking great cookies that just happen to be vegan with my recipes, my secret techniques, and non-GMO ingredients. Then our fans cried, We want gluten free! How could we say no? As always, we're dedicated to Baking a Difference. - Liz Lovely. All natural. Dairy free. Egg free. Non GMO. Pure indulgence with a social conscience. - The Liz Lovely credo. Made in Vermont.

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