Geraldines Sweet Potato Sticks

Baked twice for a crispy crunch! Gluten free. Per 1 oz Serving: 110 calories; 3.5 g total fat; 80 mg sodium (3% DV); 2 g sugars. It's how we entertain! Baked sweet potato sticks. Geraldine had recently taken notice that sweet potato fries had become all the rage. The Cunningham clan (her grandkids) could not seem to get enough of them and were always fighting over the last one on the plate. But, as you know, fried foods are not healthy. Geraldine's solution to those fatty fries - bake 'em up! She headed to her kitchen, where many great snacks have begun, and created a recipe using only the finest all natural ingredients. Her Baked Sweet Potato Sticks were a huge hit. All the great flavor of sweet potato fries, baked to a crispy crunch with just a little spicy bite at the end. The Cunningham kids now have a snack they love - their friends can't get enough of them - and Geraldine is happy to share her Bodacious treat with all of you. Happy, healthy snacking! No gluten. Baked. Simple ingredients. No additives. No MSG. No corn syrup. Simple ingredients purely bodacious! Geraldine's Sweet Potato Sticks are a sweet and savory snack that you can enjoy guilt and gluten free! Try them with vanilla yogurt for a cool, spicy snacking experience. Keep in touch with Geraldine's on Facebook and sign up to be on our mailing list for the latest news and coupons on our website. Twitter. Facebook.

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