Butter Krust Bread, Enriched, Extra Thin 20 Oz

Every bite of Butter Krust® Extra Thin Sliced White Bread is soft and delicious. Each extra thin slice of Butter Krust White Bread is soft, fluffy and full of flavor your family will love. You can have meals ready to go in no time with this convenient pre-sliced loaf. Make any dish extra special with the classic taste of Butter Krust White Bread. This satisfying white bread makes delightful deli-style sandwiches for lunchtime and buttery toast to start your day off right. Keep a loaf of Butter Krust White Bread on hand for whenever your family craves that comforting flavor you grew up with. Delicious on its own or with your favorite toppings, taste the difference with Butter Krust Bread. Build it better with Butter Krust. For more than 125 years, Butter Krust Bakery has been serving up quality you can taste. Will and Emma Richter opened their first bakery in San Antonio in 1882. Over the years, their business prospered and in 1912, Richter's Bakery purchased the Butter Krust franchise in Texas. For the next 83 years, Richter's churned out thousands of loaves of tasty Butter Krust bread in its distinctive blue-checkered packaging for Texans around the state. Taste the legacy of Will and Emma Richter's love of baking in every soft and delicious loaf of Butter Krust bread.

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