Wonder Bread, Texas Toast 20 Oz

Wonder® Texas Toast sliced white bread lives up to the saying "everything's bigger in Texas" with its extra-thick slices, super soft texture and deliciously rich flavor. This Texas Toast is the perfect bread for ribs, barbecue or juicy steaks. Serve this loaf of bread with garlic butter for delectable garlic bread, as a restaurant-style grilled cheese sandwich, or with your with favorite herb spread. The thick slices of bread even make the fluffiest and most delicious French toast. At 100 calories per slice and 0g of saturated fat per serving, you'll love Wonder Texas Toast white bread loaf. Feed your joy with Wonder! Since 1921, Wonder has been bringing delicious tasting, soft textured bread to the table and pleasing generations of families in the process! Today, Wonder is still enjoyed by millions of Americans across the nation, where it’s packed in lunchboxes, served in restaurants and craved by those young and old.

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