Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 4 70 Count

10-17 kg. 3-way fit. 2x stretchier sides (Vs. the leading moving baby sub-brand) Couches. 12h. Up to 12h of protection. Fun designs! Designs may vary. Free of parabens. Hypo-allergenic. Free of latex (Natural rubber) 3-Way Fit: Adapts at the waist, legs and bottom to move with your baby. Stay-Put Waist: 2x stretchier sides (Vs. the leading moving baby sub-brand) and strong grips for non-stop fit. Fit Guide: Match the letters during fastening for a consistent and secure application. Air-Dry Channels: Breathable dryness and up to 12 hours of leak protection. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers: Gently seal around baby's legs to protect where leaks happen most. Contains 2 package liners of 35 diapers each. Package liners are not intended for individual retail sale. Pampers Club: download; scan; save. Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play. Valid in the US, Canada and PR. For more information on common diapering questions such as choosing the right Pampers product for your baby, preventing diaper leaks, diaper rash, and potty training, please consult or call 1-800-Pampers. As always, made with a Pampers light scent. Want to know more about the materials we use? Visit 1.800.Pampers. 1.800.726.7377. Try Cruisers 360 degrees fit. Made in USA from domestic and imported materials.

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