Gerber Ravioli, Cheese, Toddler (12+ Months) 6.6 oz

1 serving of veggies (One serving of vegetables for toddlers is 1/4 cup). Made with love, not preservatives. First, we combine our ingredients and seal them up tight. Then we slowly cook for just the right amount of time. No preservatives needed. Fiber & 4 essential nutrients. Bite sized peas, carrots and corn. Made with your little one's nutrition and feeding skills in mind, with food sized and slowly cooked to the right texture. Toddler: Your toddler may be ready for this meal if they: stand alone and begin to walk alone. Feed self easily with fingers. Bite through a variety of textures. Sealed with love. Peel back our freshness seal and serve up a dish you and your little one can smile about.

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