airBOSS Odor & Moisture Absorbing Packets - 4 CT

With activated charcoal. Contains 4 packets. Dual-action absorbs excess moisture and neutralizes odors caused by dampness! Lasts up to 2 months! Fragrance free! Powerful dual-action drying and deodorizing. Pets. Use to absorb excess moisture and neutralize odors from dampness in closets, cabinets, basements, athletic shoes, lockers, gym bags, campers, RV's, boats & automobiles. Space-saving and safe to use. Visible absorbency makes replacement time easy. Replace packet when granules turn into a gel-like substance. No mess! Standard amount of Usage: 1 packet insert per application. Standard Amount of Moisture Removed: (Water equivalent) 35 g x 4 sheets (at 25 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity. Made in Japan.

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